Various LaTeX packages and tools I've written. The versions here might be newer than those on the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network. Please choose from the list on the left, or look at the odds, ends and hacks below:


BibTeX gets you into all sorts of trouble if you ever delete a key from your database. The bibalias package lets you point a citation key at another citation key, so you can remove duplicate entries and use indirection instead.

bibalias-v0.2.tar.gz (2.9Kb, 2009-06-28) bibalias-v0.2-texmf.zip (325.5Kb, 2009-06-28)


TeX and friends allow you to locally update packages by installing them to your TEXMFLOCAL and/or TEXMFHOME trees where they will override the other versions. This also means that updating your TeX distro will not update the versions you use. Cleaning out your local directories is a chore that becomes more common with the continuous-update policy of TeXLive. TLpurge will scan your local installation for packages and classes that are also globally installed, warning you if the global version carries a newer timestamp, which would be indicative of a newer version.

TLpurge.sh (2.3Kb, 2008-09-28)


The multilingual support of babel is usually only available in the document, not the preamble. However, logically, \author and \title should go into the preamble, so you needed to manually activate the shortcuts. Now, you can just load
instead. This doesn't look shorter, but you don't have to remember all the shortcut letters.

babelauthor.sty (1.6Kb, 2008-03-09)


LaTeX is not very good at letting you have multiple packages with the same name (e.g., stable and developer version). multiver parses the optional version argument of \usepackage and friends and loads from subdirectories depending on what it finds.

multiver-0.1.tar.gz (3.0Kb, 2008-07-03)


I've been toying with the iCal standard for a while. Unfortunately, you need a full-fledged WebDAV server to do anything useful with it, good luck with your cheap web-hoster or conservative admin. Well, or you can use a hacked-up PHP script that understands enough WebDAV to work with the common clients. I know the phpiCalendar team has done something similar, but their code is rather buggy and inflexible.

publish._hp (6.1Kb, 2009-01-04)


When it needs to fit like a glove, a metal gauntlet with three fingers won't do. Fortunately, many editors allow you to grow extra fingers.


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