How many times have you cursed equation labels because they're either cryptic or longer than the equation itself? Curse no more, with pukool, you can specify equations by the one thing you're most likely to have: the equation number in the dvi or pdf file. (Well, actually, the one in the .aux files, so beware of those "Labels may have changed" messages.)
The only thing you need to do is to adhere to the usal naming conventions: start equation labels with eq:, section labels with sec:, figures with fig: and tables with tab: (so pukool won't mistake figure 1 for equation 1) and you're all set. If you use hyperref, you don't even need to do that: pukool will look at anchor information provided by hyperref.


make sure you have Python installed.


pukool-0.1.tar.gz (3.5Kb)